Appalachian [Beer] Trail

This project was conceived in tandem with and supported by Dirt Rag magazine for a feature article that would appear in issue #181 (January 2015). The idea was to create a long weekend bikepacking route that would stitch together some of the best and most sought after trails in the area, and enable us to experience of the finest craft beer in the country.

“It was required that we put together light, lean, and nimble kits in order to tackle the burliest downhills that the Blue Ridge has to offer; it was inevitable that we’d have the shit kicked out of us; it was compulsory that we treated ourselves in between; but most of all, it was essential that we get deep into the Pisgah forest.”

In addition to the Dirt Rag feature article, the project resulted in a route on, a wealth of social media marketing, a bike review, and a popular informational gear list  article. The route has also been featured in several publications including a feature bikepacking article in Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, September 2016.


  • Dirt Rag
  • Surly Bikes
  • Revelate Designs
  • Burial Beer
  • Wicked Weed